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Allie graduated from McGill university with a degree in Political Science before realizing her interest in the healing arts. She attended the Alberta College of Acupuncture in Calgary and graduated this year. She feels blessed to now call the Comox Valley home.

She has a special interest in mental health and how emotions regulate and impact the health of our physical bodies. Her own journey with rheumatoid arthritis has made her especially sensitive towards those with ailments and she believes that creating a sustainable and balanced lifestyle is an important key to our well-being. Allie has completed Level One Reiki training and her approach to healing is gentle and compassionate.

Allie is also working towards her certification as a therapeutic horse riding instructor and loves watching the joy and healing animals bring to humans. In her spare time you can find her on a horse, playing tennis, doing yoga or having a games night with friends! Allie has also travelled extensively and has lived across Canada and in Australia.

She looks forward to connecting with you and empowering you alongside your health journey.

Allie graduated from McGill university with a degree in Political Science before realizing her in... Read More

Hi my name is Bob and I am a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist. I graduated from Pacific Rim College as Valedictorian, with Honours. As a TCMP I am able to practice Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Shi Liao (diet therapy), fire cupping, Gua Sha (fascia scraping technique), Tui Na (Chinese massage), and moxibustion. Depending on the individual patient, I incorporate some of these techniques as I see fit. I grew up on a tobacco and ginseng farm in southern Ontario. My early careers involved running heavy machinery at a gravel pit and building barns for a local framing company. When I realised I was looking for something else in my life, I took a one way flight to Victoria to complete a four month Certificate of Holistic Nutrition. During this program I had my first encounter with Chinese Medicine. Immediately after the program had finished I enrolled in the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program, which I will complete in December 2021 after five years of study. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a medicine of patterns. We look at the body and how it is functioning together as a whole, and how it is functioning in relationship to its surroundings. When considering an ailment, like shoulder pain, diarrhea or a headache; we consider the entire experience of the patient. We ask about digestion, sleep, emotions, energy levels, diet, exercise routines, work life, bowel movements etc. We observe what your tongue looks like, feel your radial pulse and palpate the acupuncture channels. We take this all into consideration to figure out which pattern(s) are present in the patient, and they will determine the TCM diagnosis. Using appropriate acupuncture points and herbal medicine along with the other modalities mentioned above, we treat the pattern that is presenting and help the patient achieve a more balanced state. When the body is in a balanced state, the digestion is strong, the muscles are strong and the sleep will be restful; this will help you overcome disease, avoid injuries and live a long and prosperous life! I am fascinated by the long history of Chinese Medicine. I often find myself looking into the classical Chinese texts when I am searching for answers to modern problems or looking for a new piece of wisdom. Aside from Chinese medicine, I am interested in the more primal movements and mobility of the body, which compliments my passion for rock climbing. I am often researching new training protocols and exercises for strength and mobility when it comes to climbing at the highest level. I am truly interested in every aspect of health and the human experience, as we ultimately rely on it to live a long and fulfilling life. Thank you for reading my bio. I hope to see you in the clinic soon so we can work together to get your body working to its full potential! Bob Malecki R.TCMP

Hi my name is Bob and I am a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturi... Read More

Aysha began her acupuncture journey when her own health was threatened. On the recommendation of her yoga instructor she made her first visit to a DTCM. After 3 months of acupuncture treatments, herbs and a wealth of new found knowledge her life was changed. She no longer needed her medication and was in control of her health. Within months she changed her life’s path and began her schooling as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She began her studies at the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary where she received her Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Interest in sports medicine motivated her to attend the Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado where she was trained in Acupuncture Sports medicine. She is also an Acupuncture Detox specialist using the NADA protocol to treat addictions and PTSD. Aysha worked at Southcentre Health and Wellness, a large multidisciplinary clinic in Calgary, for 3 years. She worked at Alberta’s only in-tox center for a year treating people in recovery. She was also an instructor at the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for a brief period before her life went in a new direction and brought her to Comox. Aysha moved with her family to the Comox Valley in 2014 to slow down and spend more time with her kids. She thoroughly enjoyed the amazing community that has welcomed her in and dove right into the west coast lifestyle. In the summer of 2015 Aysha was ready to get back to the career she loved and joined the team at Fit Chiropractic. After 2 wonderful years there she decided to go out on her own and start her own business. Stay tuned for more information on the new location for Inner Strength Acupuncture. When she’s not working you can catch her hiking, in a yoga class, walking on the beach with her Basset Hound, or simply hanging with her husband and kids. Aysha is a confident therapist with many years of experience working with all types of injuries and illnesses. Her main focus is pain and stress reduction but she has a special interest in influencing athletic performance and pro-active injury prevention. Aysha will work with precision to create balance in all her patients.

Aysha began her acupuncture journey when her own health was threatened. On the recommendation of ... Read More

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